Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last call for Cybils' Nominations!

Head over to the Cybils' Website to nominate a book before the deadline tomorrow!

Need a reminder of what some good book were?

Double check these, but I think they still need nominated:

Fulk, David. Raising Rufus. 
Kessler, Liz. Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?
Margolis, Leslie. If I Were You 

For Middle Grade Fiction, take a look at these titles if you still need to nominate:

al Mansour, Haifaa. The Green Bicycle
Benedis-Grab, Daphne. Clementine for Christmas 
Eyre, Lindsay. The Mean Girl Meltdown 

Kidd, Ronald. Night on Fire.
McVoy, Terra Elan. Drive Me Crazy
Meyerhoff, Jenny. The Friendship Garden
Nickerson, Sara. The Secrets of Blueberries, Brothers, Moose & Me
Pearsall, Shelley. The Seventh Most Important Thing. 
Rosengren, Gayle. Cold War on Maplewood Street

Vrabel, Beth. A Blind Guide to Stinkville

Young Adult Fiction:


Young Adult Nonfiction

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