Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blather- Frenzied hecticness, but some triumphs

Sylvie wonders if I will ever be home!
We have conferences all day today, so for the past three days, I've seen 250 students per day! Between cross country wrapping up, Kidlitcon, Cybils, and everything else, I've been living for the day off on Friday. I intend to sleep in and maybe watch a movie!

One triumph we had yesterday was figuring out how to get audio books for students with IEPs and 504 plans. We had a school account, and once I added individual students, I was able to download books (like Hatchet, that a class is reading) and then upload the files to a student's individual Google Drive account. I hope that's fair use and legal; only the student can access the files, but can then listen on any device. That's always the struggle!

Kidliterati, a blog run by up-and-coming writers, did a nice interview with me. Now I feel famous!

I'm almost done with my Waiver Day presentation for 3 November. It's an overview of 100+ new books, and I'll try to post it online the day I give it. Westerville people, there are still spots open! Once I rated the auditorium, but now everyone prefers sessions on Google or state evaluations.

Speaking of, I'm doing instruction on Noodletools for mine, and once I put together a presentation, everyone wanted to hear it. Three more busy weeks!


  1. Okay that intro sounds wonderful and so professional, like you've been doing it for years!! Looking forward to hear what your readers are thinking about the books they read. Congrats.

  2. Great interview, Karen. I especially liked what you said about getting boys reading, and not trying to get them to LOVE reading. I think that's a really good reminder.

  3. Great concept for the podcast. Adult gatekeepers have so much say at every level of children's publishing and are written about and interviewed everywhere. I'm not aware of that many opportunities to actually hear from child readers, who the books presumably are for.

  4. I am looking forward to hearing a podcast from you ... I will stay tuned. Now, I am off to read the Kidliterati interview.