Thursday, October 01, 2015


The nominations for the 2015 Cybils awards are now open!

Go to to nominate!

I'm normally one of the first to nominate, but organizationally, I may hang to the back this year. This has benefits as well, since I can nominate books that AREN'T nominated by someone else but which I think are deserving.
2015 Nominations by category:

Since I'll be organizing Middle Grade Fiction but reading for Young Adult Nonfiction, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the nominations. 

With Kidlitcon coming up next week and my teacher evaluation coming up right after that, though, I am a little distracted. This morning, I actually had to answer the following question, which I am very proud to say I managed to do WITHOUT referencing my new Level 2 Profession Magical Unicorn status:

"How will safety in the classroom be ensured?"
"The physical and emotional environment of the library will be organized to be free of impedimenta."


  1. Forget Magical Unicorn status! You speak the arcane language of Bureaucratese well enough to cast your spell on any Board of Examiners.