Friday, November 02, 2007

Yellow Flag by Robert Lipsyte

Kyle would rather play jazz with his friends than race cars, but when his brother is injured in an accident, he has to help out his family and race to maintain the corporate sponsorship they have just received. He's a good racer, which makes it harder for him to walk away and dedicate himself to his music. There's lots of riveting descriptions of racing, but the core story is that of Kyle deciding what is best for both him and his family. There is some very mild language and situations with girls, but still appropriate for middle school.

I would buy this book if only for the following paragraph, which appears on page 5 but really should have started the book. This is good writing. Stuff like THIS should win the Newbery. Children might actually read it.

"Fridays in spring crept on forever at Goshen High. All day Kyle felt like he had one foot mashing the gas, the other standing on the brake. His motor was running hot while his wheels spun in the groove. He felt numb... and sleepy and jittery. He sleepwalked from English to history to geometry. He heard himself answer a question in environmental science, but it might as well have been someone else. Teachers droned on, trying not to let their eyes flick toward the windows, where the thickening yellow light banged against the glass, calling them outside. Kyle's eyes were stuck on the glass."
A must buy. This will never be on the shelf. Hopefully, children who read this will move on to pick up The Contender and other titles by this author.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM EST

    This book was freaking amazing. Im a junior in high school, and i found this book very exciting i couldnt put it down. From page one the book had my attention