Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Apologies to Wendy Mass

I am afraid that I may just not like anything this author has written. The books always sound intriguing, and I pick them up, but just don't get along with them. A Mango-Shaped Space was not something students would ask for, I didn't like the character in Leap Day, and Jeremy Fink just didn't hit the right notes. Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall sounded great: girl is hit with dodge ball and dies temporarily, reviews her life through the things she obtained at the mall, and learns to become a better person. Great Cover. Just great.

Objection Number 1: It's a "novel in verse". BIG nose wrinkles when I show these to middle schoolers, and with the very notable exception of Helen Frost, these books are not actually in anything that involves rhyme, meter, alliteration, etc. so to me are not verse. They are simply prose cut up into short lines. Now, I am especially picky about this, since I write traditional poetry.

Objection Number 2: Too heavy on the life lessons. Yes, students are trying to establish identity, but you can't hit them over the head with it. Verging on preachy.

I wanted to like it, but am somehow sad I didn't. Sigh.

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