Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sorrells' First Shot

You're a student in a tough military type academy. Your father is the head master and doesn't cut you any breaks. Does it get any worse? Yes. If you're David, your mother has been murdered, and you think that it's a pretty good bet that your father did it.

For a book that is almost 300 pages long, this read very quickly. Between the unpleasantness at school, David's longing to excel at the sport of shooting with the help of a new transfer student who happens to be a girl, and the mystery of his mother's death, this is the best page turner I've picked up since Morgenroth's Jude. This book thankfully eschews the salty language and offers a raw portrayal of a boy trying to get through very difficult circumstances.

Another excellent mystery from the author of Fake ID and Club Dread.

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