Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Jennifer Lynn Barnes' second book, Tattoo, was one I had to pick up because the description was so tempting. Four friends at the mall get temporary tattoo that give them supernatural powers that they need to fight against evil that is set to take over the world-- starting at their prom.

Which they do. There is a lot of Celtic lore and whatnot dealing with how they get their powers and what evil is encroaching, but what I really liked about this book was the snappy, laugh out loud dialog. "I'm on the cheerleading squad. I know what REAL evil looks like." I'd quote more, but my daughter ran off with the book.

A fabulous choice for either girls who liked Twilight or who have to read fantasy against their will. Both will find this fun. The only down side is that it is available only in paperback or the dreaded Gibraltar Bound, a library binding that in reality falls apart the first time a student looks at it. Sigh.

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  1. I like TATTOO also. One of my friends wrote it. :) Just released PLATINUM, which is the sequel to her debut GOLDEN.

    I HATE HATE HATE Gibraltar Binding! Not only does it NOT tell ANYTHING about what's going on in the book, or give author info, it's just UGLY.