Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Books loaned to me by students

It's always great when students loan me books. It means they trust me with their books, and they believe that I will get them back quickly. I try.

Sarah loaned me Rachel Hawthorne's Caribbean Cruising, an Avon paperback which I enjoyed very much but won't buy for the library. A fluffy beach read about a girl who has graduated from high school on a cruise as part of her mother's honeymoon, it is about her "to-do list" for the cruise. The major thing was rather inappropriate, ala Meg Cabot in Ready or Not.

Elizabeth loaned me a V.C. Andrews' book-- Butterfly, the first in the Orphans series. Having been a big fan of the Flowers in the Attic series in high school (embarassing fact-- owned the whole series in paperback and could not begin to tell you why.), I was intrigued when she had a V.C. Andrews for YA book. Huh, I thought. Since FItA was not the most appropriate book for, well, anyone, I was compelled to pick it up. Butterfly is the somwhat improbable tale of an orphan girl adopted by a paralyzed ballerina and forced to dance. The abuse and unhappiness of earlier works is in evidence here-- they never end happily.

So why do I want to borrow the next one in the series? These would appeal very much to girls in that developmental stage where they love to read about people whose lives are worse than their own.

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