Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Narinder Dhami

Bindi Babes, Bollywood Babes and Bhangra Babes all circulate very well in my library. The continuing story of a family of girls living in London, it offers an enticing look into the Indian lifestyle that is new to my students. I was impressed by the tiny details-- differences in cooking, household decorating, and family interaction. Bollywood Babes was especially fun, bringing in an Indian actress from Bollywood films.

I had written to Ms. Dhami a while back, thanking her for writing, and she VERY graciously replied and sent me two books not available in the U.S.-- Dani's Diary and Sunita's Secret. I read the first last night and loved it. It goes back and forth between Dani's adjustment with her new step family, and her grandmother's journal that was kept when her grandmother first came to the UK. I think it's great that Dani has to translate the diary from Punjabi. The problems of fitting in to a new country and dealing with a step family are brilliantly portrayed, and again, the details of a slightly different way of life are fun to read.

Ms. Dhami has a wonderful web site. Check it out to see the much bright UK covers.

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