Saturday, June 07, 2014

Second Day!

Was up a bit before 5:00 after staying up a bit past midnight, and have gotten several things read at some point this morning. I tend to type up reviews after every five books or so, but I won't take the time to post them on Goodreads, Blog, Netgalley, Edelweiss and YABC until after my 48 hours are up.

Did try to get around and visit blogs last night and did meet a few friends. A little alarmed at the scarcity of people doing this-- maybe everyone is waking up late this morning and reading until Monday!

Might have trouble getting near the computer again today, but will be reading, which is what I love best anyway. Here was this morning's list (6 books/21 total)(I'll plan out reviews next week):

Codell, Esme Raji. Sahara Special (Girl of color on cover)
Rivers, Phoebe. The Perfect Storm (no diversity, but just couldn't wait any more!)
Gutknecht, Allison. A Cast if the Perfect Accessory (No diversity, needs to go back to library!)
Bowen, Fred. Double Reverse. (No diversity, but FAB football content)

Chabert, Jack. Eerie Elementary #1: The School is Alive (friend of indeterminate diversity)

20342533Myers, Walter Dean. On a Clear Day
September 23rd 2014 by Crown Books for Young Readers

If you have access to Netgalley, take a look at this one. It certainly has the cover we want, and a huge range of diverse characters. It also really kerflummoxed me, and since it doesn't come out for a while, there aren't any reviews out yet. 

I just don't know if I'm lacking sleep or if this really was... not what I wanted. Warning: F-bombs and YA situations. 

Off to read some more! (14 hours so far!)


  1. Wow, you've accomplished quite a lot of reading. Well done and keep up the great work.

  2. I'm a slacker this year -- I allowed myself six hours of sleep. My goal is to stay above 24 hours, since I'm not in shape going into the weekend.

    I will try to get a hold of On a Clear Day, to celebrate finding my NOOK after a two day search.

  3. Re: the scarcity. I'm not as familiar with other book blog communities. I know the Tumblr community is pretty strong but kind of on their own schedule. I actually joined a few years ago, thinking I could use it to go deeper than just tweeting about the monthly book (#1b140). Participation on Tumblr didn't last very long. Since it's my first year, I don't have a basis for comparison. I really like that it's in June, since my teaching year ends in May!

    I appreciate how you're describing the kinds of diversity you're seeing in the books. That ties into your comment about making sure our patrons/students/audience know what options are available. It helps make the greater range of representation actually accessible! I'm going to try including descriptions like yours into my summary posts. I probably won't finish as many texts as you have though!

    Thanks again for your insight and for checking out my reflection!