Saturday, June 07, 2014

Limping along, 25 and 1/2 hours in

No, really. Aside from brief forays into the kitchen to make a cup of tea while reading a book, I have not been taking any breaks. Been walking Sylvie when reading, believe I may have ingested a granola bar or two while reading, and had at least one phone conversation while deep in a book.

This should not surprise anyone else engaged in the 48HBC.

Haven't been making as much progress as I would like, though. I have ninja reading speed, where I can understand and review a book, and then I have pleasure reading speed where I go much more slowly. When I get a good book, or a fantasy, it just slows me right down.

So, since 10:30ish this morning, I have read
Lough, Amber. The Fire Wish (Ancient Iraq)
Little, Kimberly Griffiths. The Time of the Fireflies. 
Draper, Sharon. Sassy: The Silver Secret (African American)
McMullan, Kate. Get Lost Odysseus (Greek mythology)

Oh, and Micah Player's Lately Lily: Adventures of a Traveling Girl, which was a picture book but not as multicultural as I had hoped.The illustrator also does clothing, apparently.

So, counting Hungry, which I read last night, I'm up to 26 books. Off to read more!


  1. Whew! You win Ninja Reader of the Year. I did one and three-quarters book in 5 hours. Go Team Yingling!

  2. I've been seeing Time of the Fireflies on NetGalley. Is it worth requesting?

  3. 26 books in 25 1/2 hours - I'm impressed!

  4. I've been reading slowly, but also taking few breaks. Your reading speed always amazes me!