Sunday, June 08, 2014

31 hours, 30 Books

Reading tons of books off the Nook in 9 point font was probably not the best idea! I did get a big box from Baker and Taylor, but most of those don't come out until August or later. My evil plan is to schedule all of my reviews throughout the summer, closer to publication dates. This allows me to follow certain themes. And what are those?
Monday-- Usually middle grade realistic fiction and nonfiction if I have one.
Tuesday-- Fantasy books, especially time travel
Wednesday-- Books with a cultural context
Thursday-- Mysteries
Friday-- Books that boys will like
Saturday-- Graphic novels or books for girl or younger readers
Sunday-- Same as Saturday. I assume people don't read as many blogs on weekends!

BUT, as far as the challenge goes, here we are:
Stroud, Jonathan. The Whispering Skull (SO good!)
Schroeder, Lisa. The Bridge From Me to You
Feinstein, John. Walk On (Triple Threat #1)
Korman, Gordon. Memory Maze (Hypnotists #2)

These were all digital copies, probably through Netgalley, but I have found that identifying myself as a librarian actually gets me more Edelweiss acceptances. Go figure. 

Definitely time for sleep!


  1. Ah, I want to get my hands on The Whispering Skull. And 31 hours, 30 books?? You astound me.

  2. I have a student who is dying to read The Whispering Skull. She's moving up to the high school, but as soon as my copy comes in, I'm going to make sure she gets it.

  3. Holy smokes that's a lot of books! You're a Super Librarian. I hope you get some sleep now. :)

  4. Ooh, I have THE WHISPERING SKULL awaiting me - glad to know it'll be a treat!

  5. I need to follow your lead and review more this summer. Getting ebook copies is a great plan. I'm going to have to get back in the game!