Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Last Day of School

The LCD remotes, Mimios, speakers and Chromebooks are all locked up, and all but TWO books were either returned or paid for. Hooray! 

No Trooping of the Overheads, sadly. I do miss that. Most of the overheads have gone to the Great Warehouse in the Sky. 

 Plenty of reading to do this summer, and definitely will participate in #bookaday. Hop over to Donalyn Miller's website for all the details. 

 Not a fan of being out of school, but am weary and looking forward to a bit more rest. Sylvie is VERY glad that I will be home and there will be an adequate level of staffing!

Hope everyone survives the last few days/weeks of school and has a great summer!

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  1. Hope your summer is filled with joyful reads!