Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Study Hall of Justice

25786965Fridolfs, Derek and Nguyen, Dustin (Illustrations)
Study Hall of Justice (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #1) 
January 26th 2016 by Scholastic Inc.
EARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

In this graphic novel, young Bruce Wayne is being sent to a new private school, Ducald (in my copy, Doomvale in the Goodreads description) Academy. He is surprised to see that bad behavior is encouraged, and that the teachers all seem fairly evil as well. He is bedeviled by students like Joe Kerr and the other class clowns, but does make an uneasy friendship with farm boy Clark, who wants to be a reporter, and foreign exchange student Diana. The three try to investigate various happenings and unearth secrets about their school. 

Strengths: This was fairly clever, well-plotted and a quick read. I especially liked the inclusion of Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler. 

Weaknesses: The bullying was boring and stereotypical. The E ARC was somewhat hard to follow because the pictures weren't complete-- I'd like to see a finished copy. 

What I really think: This is one I'll definitely have to buy. Be interested to see in what direction the series is going. This is a little too coy about the identities of the three main superheroes, which is weird, since it's so obvious who they are. 

Wonder Woman: Amazon Warrior (Backstories)

Wonder Woman: Amazon Warrior

February 23rd 2016 by Scholastic Inc.
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

I've looked at this series, and in theory it sounds great-- comic book characters, pictures, etc. One of the few super hero comics I had as a child featured Wonder Woman. 

Probably won't buy this series, though. Why? It was boring! The information seemed to be repeated, the timeline didn't move forward in a way that made sense, there weren't that many pictures, and it didn't make me excited to read about Wonder Woman's further adventures. The covers are fantastic, but the content left a lot to be desired!

"Who is Wonder Woman? How did she become a powerful Super Hero? What abilities does she use to fight for what is right? In this biography--complete with black-and-white illustrations, timelines, and character profiles--young readers will delight in learning the complete history of the awesome Amazon princess."

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