Monday, January 04, 2016

Card Catalog- Cybils Awards Winners!

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The new year always means THE CYBILS AWARDS for me! The New Year does not always mean that I am immediately organized, however: there may be some forthcoming posts about that, so the podcast is just an overview of some of my favorite finalists and winners from years past. Next week, the podcast will concentrate on fiction books that have science content that goes along with the middle school curriculum.

Below is a list of books mentioned in the podcast. For a complete list of Cybils Finalists or Cybils Winners, visit While you're there, check out the FAQ page to help you make a list of books you would like to nominate in September of 2016, and take a look at what it takes to be a first or second round panelist.

Barry, Dave. The Worst Class Trip Ever (2015)
Baskin, Nora Raleigh. Anything But Typical (2009)
Bell, Cece. El Deafo (2014)
Carroll, David. Ultra (2013)
Dowd, Siobhan. The London Eye Mystery (2008)
Korman, Gordon. Ungifted (2012)
Larson, Kirby. The Friendship Doll (2011)
Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book (2008)
Greenwald, Tommy. Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading (2011)
Herbach, Geoff. Stupid Fast (2011)
Gabe Johnson Takes Over (2014)
Anything You Want (2016)
Nobleman, Marc Tyler. Day Glo Brothers (2009)
Palaccio, R.J. Wonder (2012)
Pitchford, Dean. Nickel Bay Nick (2014)
Reedy, Trent. Words in the Dust (2011)
Schlitz, Amy Laura. A Drowned Maiden’s Hair (2006)
Shang, Wendy. The Great Wall of Lucy Wu (2011)
Stroud, Jonathan. The Screaming Staircase (2013)
Weissman, Elissa Brent. Nerd Camp (2011)
West, Jacqueline. The Shadows (2010)


  1. Great podcast. New teachers should take note of this list as it contains some of MG's best. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice list. I really enjoyed books like The Great Wall of Lucy Wu, Words in the Dust, and The London Eye Mystery, but one rarely sees them mentioned anymore. So, thank you!

  3. So many books, so little time. Thanks for this list.

  4. Last year I managed to read all the finalists earlier, but then I wondered over to the 2006 list to pick some of those up. I rarely get to nominate anything because I don't read new book enough. I need to start making my kids bring me books, not just provide them.

  5. Thank you os much! Just listened to two of these in a row - so fun. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one not able unveil my favorites of the year January 1.