Monday, January 11, 2016

Card Catalog- Science


*Aldrin, Buzz. Welcome to Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet (NF)(2015)
*Anderson, Laurie Halse. Fever, 1793 (Yellow Fever) (2000)
Anderson, T. Neill. City of the Dead (Galveston Hurricane)(2013)
*Banks, Kate. Boy’s Best Friend (Scientific Method) (2015)
*Barry, Dave. Science Fair (2008)
*Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Terrible Typhoid Mary (NF)(2015)
Blundell, Judy. A City Tossed and Broken (Earthquake) (2013)
*Brown , Jennifer. How Lunchbox Jones saved me from robots, traitors, and Missy the Cruel  
Life on Mars (Astronomy)(2014)
*Carter, Dean Vincent. Hand of the Devil (Mutant killer mosquitoes)(2005)
Cervantes, Angela. Allie, First and Last (Science Fair) (2016)
*Chibbaro, Julie. Deadly (Typhoid) (2011)
Cooney, Caroline. Code Orange (Smallpox)(2005)
Dowell, Francis O’Roark. Phineas McGuire-- Erupts (2006, series)
*Earhart, Kristin. Rain Forest Relay (Ecology)(2015)
*Frazier, Sundee. Brendan Buckley’s Scientific Experiment (Rocks and Minerals)(2007)
Garrett, Dee. Wildfire Run (Earthquake, forest fire)(2010)
Gibbs, Stuart. Belly Up (Zoology) (2010)
Space Case (Living in space)(2014)
*Hiassen, Carl. Hoot (Ecology) (2002)

*Hopkinson, Deborah . The Great Trouble (Cholera)(2013)

*Jarrow, Gail. Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary (NF) (2015)
Joiner, Sarah K. After the Ashes (Darwin, volcano eruption) (2016)
Jurmain, Susan. The Secret of the Yellow Death (NF)(2009)
Keating, Jess. How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied (Zoology)(2014)
Kelly, Jacqueline. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (Biology)(2009)
*Kelly, Mark E. Astrotwins: Project Blastoff (Rocketry)(2015)
Astrotwins: Project Rescue (2016)
*Key, Watt. Terror at Bottle Creek (Hurricane)(2016)
Kinard, Kami. The Boy Project (Investigative methods, math)(2012)
*Korman, Gordon. Ungifted (Robotics)(2012)
*Lewman, David. The Case of the Mystery Meat Loaf (Investigations)(2012) 6 books
Margolis, Leslie. Everybody Bugs Out (Science Fair) (2011)
MacGregor, Allen. Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (1951)
Mass, Wendy. Every Soul a Star (Astronomy)(2008)
McDougal, Sophia. Mars Evacuees (Living in Space, terraforming)(2015)
Northrop, Michael. Trapped! (Blizzard)(2011)
*Pearson, Ridley. Steel Trapp (Science Competition)(2008)
*Rorby, Ginny. How to Speak Dolphin (Marine life, behavioral psychology)(2015)
Hurt Go Happy (Primate studies)(2006)
*Ruckman, Ivy. Night of the Twisters (Tornado)(1984)
Salisbury, Graham. The Night of the Howling Dogs (Earthquake)(2007)
Schreiber, Joel. Lenny Cyrus, School Virus (Biology) (2012)
*Wardlaw, Lee. 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher (Invention Convention) (2004)
Westerfeld, Scott. Peeps (Viruses)(2005)

*Mentioned in podcast


  1. I know that many of these are popular with students, either researching or just fascinated by the stories of past calamities, like Trapped, Typhoid Mary books. I enjoyed The Great Trouble very much. Thanks for the list!

  2. I was more than a little surprised to see that picture of Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars. That series was a favorite of mine when I was young and I still have a few of my Miss Pickerell books. That aside, your podcast was very interesting and informative.

  3. What a great collection of fiction and nonfiction books exploring science.

  4. Great list and I've forwarded the podcast to my science loving friends. I recognize many of these and have read several. I remember loving Danny Dunn, Scientific Detective and Danny Dunn and the Universal Glue back in the late 70's.

  5. What a great resource! I'm passing this along to our science teachers, thank you so much!

  6. Oh this is a wonderful resource list, thanks for gathering all these titles together. I have yet to catch up on podcasts. :)