Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dark Days- Dead City #3

22094416Ponti, James. Dark Days (Dead City #3)
Published October 6th 2015 by Aladdin

Molly has just jumped into a pond at the city zoo and is relating her tale from the holding cell at the police station. Her plan was to get taken there in order to rescue her mother. Marek Blackwell is back, reconstituted from parts of other followers, and he has vowed revenge on the Omegas. Molly isn't willing to stop, however, and learns that he has secret evil plans for his location under NYC, and they have something to do with stealing gold in order to fund his criminal empire. Molly is also very worried about Natalie, and fears that she has become a zombie, given several changes in her personality and lifestyle. Can the Omegas put an end to Marek once and for all, and will Molly's family ever get back to some semblance of normal?
Strengths: Even though Molly has some very serious zombie fighting to so (some of the zombie police are following her!), her parents are still very supportive, and she still attends her science oriented school. There are tiffs with her sister, misunderstandings with friends, AND zombies. And it's only a trilogy. Brilliant all around. 
Weaknesses: While I appreciate the character development, my zombie readers prefer straight up blood and gore. Still, when the zombie craze is over, I think that this series will still circulate. 
What I really think: Nice job. I'm curious to see what Ponti will write next. Maybe a funny book with a boy as the main character? That would be fantastic!

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