Monday, January 18, 2016

Card Catalog- Talking Mice!


Mice Books
Avi. Poppy (1995) Series
Bearn, Emily. TumTum and Nutmeg (2009) Series
Breitrose, Prudence. Mousemobile (2013) Series
Christian, Peggy. The Bookstore Mouse (1995)
Cleary, Beverly. The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1965)
Cole, Henry. A Nest for Celeste (2010)
Deedy, Carmen Agra. The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale (2011)
DiCamillo. The Tale of Despereaux (2003)
*Dillard, Sarah. Mouse Scouts (2016)  Series
Dixon, Amy. Marathon Mouse (2012) Picture Book
Edwards, Julie Andrews. The Great American Mousical (2006)
*Fiedler, Lisa. Mouseheart (2014) Series
Frederick, Heather Vogel. Spy Mice (2005) Series
*Green, Poppy. The Adventures of Sophie Mouse (2015)
Hoban, Russell. A Mouse and His Child (1967)
Hoeye, Michael. Time Stops for No Mouse (1999) Series
*Holm, Jenni and Matt. Babymouse: Queen of the World (2005) Series
*Jacques, Brian. Redwall (1986) Series
Jarvis, Robin. The Dark Portal (2000) Series
King-Smith. Dick. Three Terrible Trins (1994)
Martin’s Mice (1988)
A Mouse Called Wolf (1997)
The School Mouse (1994)
Lawson, Robert. Ben and Me (1923)
*Lieb. Ratscalibur (2015)
*Lowry, Lois. Bless this Mouse (2011)
O’Brien. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971) Series
*Peck, Richard. Secrets at Sea (2011)
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail (2013)
*Petersen, David. Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (2007) Series
*Pilkey, Dav. Ricky Ricotta (2005) Series
Reynolds, Paul and Peter. Sydney and Simon (2014) Series
*Selden, George. The Cricket in Times Square (1960) Series
*Sharp, Margery. The Rescuers (1959) Series
Smith, Sherri L. The Toymaker's Apprentice (2015)
Steig, William. Abel's Island (1975)*Stilton, Geronimo. Various series (2000)
*Titus, Eve. Basil of Baker Street (1958) Series
*Voigt, Cynthia. Young Fredle (2000)
White, E.B. Stuart Little (1961)
Watts, Frances. Secrets of the Ginger Mice (2012) Series

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