Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't we all want to be Superstars?

YABC Superstar of the Month
Since I am busy hounding students to turn in books and preparing for inventory, this was a particularly nice surprise:


It's nice to be praised for a job well done. Rewards don't hurt, either!

One of my schticks (and I have a lot-- yesterday I wore a Gunne Sax dress I bought in 1988, and today I'm rocking a prairie skirt and quilted vest I made in 1981. Why? Because I can.) is to sing on the morning announcements when there are a lot of overdue books. On the 8th grade trip, I had several students ask me why I hadn't been singing-- not that they wanted me to, of course. They hate it. Really. But they sort of missed it, too. Here's my song for today, to the tune of Home on the Range. And yes, the original is HIGHLY offensive to Native Americans. Hopefully, being unfamiliar with the song, most students will think I made up the tune as well!

Oh, give me your tome, it just wants to go home
And be back on the shelf with its friends.
Please bring it back now, so I won’t have a cow—
If you’ve lost it, you must make amends.

Due, due, books are due.
Bring them back to the library soon.
So when Friday comes round, every book will be found
And I’ll have no more reason to croon.


  1. You definitely rock, Karen!

  2. Very nice and well deserved.

  3. Okay that is just awesome! Congrats on being a superstar :)

  4. Yes, indeed! Many congrats.