Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What actual students read

This information comes via a commenter who liked Unwind; in fact, it was chosen by students to be their Mock Printz award winner.

The books on this list tend to be a little older, so there are many I haven't bought for my library because of content and language. Still, I did reserve a couple of these that I hadn't read yet, since students gave them an award, not adults.

But really, The Book Thief? My problem, I guess, is that I never got much past the age of 13 in my reading likes. Luckily, this serves me fairly well. (In answer to the comment from Ms. F-B, I think I was disappointed because it wasn't a WWII story for which my students ask. What they invariably want is more fighting than anything else. I know many people loved this, but it just didn't do it for me!)

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  1. But I LOVED The Book Thief. It was so powerful, and so differently told - how many books do you know that are told from the point of view of death? Yes, it's difficult, but it's nice to have something new and diffferent in the WWII genre.