Thursday, February 28, 2008

Graphic Novel Versions

I'm old. This is proven by the fact that every time I see a graphic novel/Japanese anime version of anything I think "Oh, look! It's (fill in the novel) as performed by the cast of Speed Racer!

Read the TokyoPop version of EllenSchreiber's Vampire Kisses, which is titled Blood Relatives. A lot of thought went into the art for this adaptation, and there is a bit at the back of the book about the process that is interesting. The story is the same, but reluctant readers will like the graphic novel version and perhaps be intrigued enough to try the other.

This is the main reason that I have also bought the graphic novel version of Stormbreaker and Artemis Fowl. They are good bridge books and do seem to interest students in reading the full text version.

The other proof that I am old-- do not get the whole vampire romance thing. Or goth culture. As I've said before, if students really want to be nonconformist, they'd find some tacky polyester clothing from the 70s. There are whole stores devoted to goth. It's just a different flavor of conformity.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM EST

    It's somewhat of a working theory of mine that boys are more reluctant to read because they're more visual (which is supposedly why adult men prefer to look at... well, shall we say "girlie magazines" with pictures, but women prefer verbal fair like steamy romance novels).

    Consequently, I'm beginning to wonder if graphic novels would be a great way to get boys interested in reading. Especially these days, when graphic novels are covering a much wider range of subjects beyond the usual superheros in tights!

  2. Speed Racer... Ahhh, those were the days.

    I, um, "get" goth. Scary, eh? Back in the late 80s and early 90s, it was called "progressive" or "alternative." My friends dressed all in black, spiderwebby stuff, put tons of safety pins through their snagged on purpose nylons, died their hair black, bobbed it, spiked it with blue hairgel, the guys wore eye liner. See? It's NOT new, nor is it original.

    That was my "other" group of friends. My main group of friends were a hybrid of long-hair-hippie types cum heavy-metal.

    Remember back around 1984, high school kids (and kids my age at the time, wince, 13/14) were wearing studded leather neckbands and wrist bands, fake leather pants and tops, full of zippers... oh, can't forget the parachute pants. :-)

    Oh, but why I "get" goth... I recently looked up some music I used to listen to in college. It's no longer listed as "progressive" or "alternative." They're now listing those artists/songs as... you got it... "goth." The boys really cringed and ran from the room yelling, "mom's goth!" when I showed them.