Thursday, February 14, 2008

Richard's The Chaos Code

"He was sitting in his study when the monster came. It tapped on the glass of the French windows to be let in. Like he had a choice. It would smash its way through, or blow under the door if it needed to.

Well, okay! Tell me more! This is what students mean when they say they want a book that sucks them right in.

This book quickly becomes more complicated. Matt is sent to live with his father while his mother is on a job, and his father is not at home. Not only that, but Matt gets attacked! After retrieving a coded message his father left him, he heads off to stay with an aunt, where things get really involved. Matt not only has to rescue his father, he has to stop evil geniuses who are harnessing the power of the earth to create unstoppable golems that will be used to take over the world!

Definitely will buy this one, since this author's The Death Collector has been popular. There is lots of action and suspense, plus a really cool cover. My only disappointment is that it is not a book for reluctant readers, as I was hoping. It is a complicated mystery with lots of clues, history, and surprising things involved. Stormbreaker fans who were able to handle Silverfin will like this one, but struggling readers may have problems with the length.

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