Friday, February 15, 2008

A rare video review

During 1981-82, there was a television show on Sunday evenings that dealt with time travel-- Voyagers! After a steady diet of Tom's Midnight Garden, Charlotte Sometimes and other time travel books, I was very excited. It starred the late Jon-Eric Hexum and a young Meeno Peluce as Voyagers who traveled to different points in history to "fix" things that went wrong. Never mind that the premise was a little weak. It was great fun, and we got to see everything from Washington crossing the Delaware (he was faced into the wind to avoid seasickness) to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle guessing that the two must have been at the botanical gardens, because they had soil from all over the world on their shoes.

Hadn't thought of this in years, but saw the DVD in the library and immediately brought it home. My children all loved it. My 9 year old has a huge crush on Meeno Peluce, who is, according to, now a history teacher. How cool is that? Highly recommend this whole four disk set to take the chill off these cold winter days!

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  1. Anonymous3:57 PM EDT

    Actually he is now a really good photographer and has his own website. He has been very nice to keep in contact with me and my friend via email.He is also married and has two beautiful daughters. He has also been great talking about his past, expecially the show Voyagers! He got a kick out of my friend who sent him the Voyagers! theme MP3. He has done well for himself.