Monday, February 04, 2008

Hawthorne's Thrill Ride

A student brought me this one, since she and I share similar tastes. I always love when students hand me books-- thanks, Sarah! This is definitely a pink book, and since there are never enough to keep my avid readers in books, I am adding several other titles by this author to my list to purchase as well.

Megan wants to escape for the summer because her sister is planning a wedding. She will miss her boyfriend, Nick, but the idea of living and working at an amusement park sounds even more appealing than staying with him. Of course, there are cute boys at the amusement park, and lots of fun to be had. A really nice story, perfectly appropriate (a little kissing, but that's it), but full of independence and fun. Looking forward to reading The Boyfriend League and Island Girls (and Boys).

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I, too, am always looking for more "pink" books. I can't wait until April when Sarah Dessen's new one will be out - although its cover will be blue, not pink :)

    I will definitely check out this author!