Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bluford High

I'd heard good things about the Bluford High series (Various authors), but they were hard to find in prebinds, and my orders kept being canceled. Finally, PermaBound delivered, and I've been working my way through. These are best read in order, which is listed below. These have been very good, and I can see why reluctant readers like them. Most of the characters are African American, and the setting is an inner city school for better-than-average students. The books address a variety of family, school, and societal problems in a realistic and, thankfully, non-offensive way. While there is irregular grammar, there isn't cursing. Lessons are learned, but not in a preachy manner. I was greatly reminded of Beany Malone, of all things. I'll probably have to buy another set!

(1) Lost and Found
(7) Until We Meet Again (13) Search for Safety
(2) A Matter of Trust (8) Blood is Thicker
(3) Secrets in the Shadows (9) Brothers in Arms
(4) Someone to Love Me (10) Summer of Secrets
(5) The Bully (11) The Fallen
(6) Payback (12) Shattered

A brief description and more information on the series is available at:

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