Monday, February 25, 2008

Kidnapped! and Prom Crashers

Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of those great books that is unco hampered by archaic language. If I stopped cold in the middle of a sentence thinking "Unco? Unco?", I can only imagine what middle schoolers would think. There are some abridged versions that I may look into, because the story is a good one. David, an orphan, is kidnapped by his rather weird uncle, but gets away and fights in the struggle of the Scottish Highlanders against English rule in 1751. There are some slow parts, and a lot of Scottish dialect. I think I prefer Treasure Island.

Erin Downing's Prom Crashers is not great literature, but was very fun and should appeal tremendously to girls entering high school. I liked that it was not a story that maintained that prom was the end all, be all. Not all of the students were interested in prom, but they went to other proms looking for a boy one girl had met, and ended up having fun. It was interesting that one of the male characters was gay, but it was just part of the story. Very nicely done. I love the covers on this series.

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