Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Science Fiction for Girls

I know, I know-- good books should be good books for all, but the reality is that most girls want different books than boys, and vice versa. Science fiction is something that many girls wrinkle their noses at. The best picks for them are:

Schanback, Mindy. Princess from Another Planet. Gracie's mother has always maintained that she is a princess from another planet. The family treats her as if she has a mental illness until Gracie starts to suspect that her mother is telling the truth.

Logue, Mary. Dancing with an Alien. What if you fell in love, only to find out that the boy is from another planet? It might seem like a good idea to go back with him... until you find out the reason he came to earth is to find females to repopulate his planet. Does he love you enough to save you from being a breeding machine?

Gilmore, Kate. The Exchange Student. Having an exchange student living with your family is hard enough, but imagine if the student were a tall, color-shifting alien who takes an inordinate interest in the animals that your family raises. What is his purpose for being on earth?

Butts, Nancy.The Door in the Lake. Okay, this is more for boys, but it is short, and it has my very favorite 30 second recommendation-- Joey is kidnapped by space aliens and returns several years later smaller than his younger brother, and his brains are leaking out of his nose! What happened, and will life ever return to normal?

Every book needs some small hook like the leaking brains!


  1. Ooh, great post! I'm always looking for sci-fi that will appeal to girls. Thanks!

  2. That's funny. I'm a girl, and Science Fiction/Fantasy is my preference. I think that it's sad that girls don't read more of it...but hey. That's just me.