Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Code Name Flood: Edge of Extinction #2

Martin, Laura. Code Name Flood: Edge of Extinction #2
May 30th 2017 by HarperCollins
Copy provided by Young Adult Books Central

Armed with a map and note from her father that she obtained in The Ark Plan, Sky sets off to find Lake Michigan with her friends Todd and Shawn. Unfortunately, they run into scientists from a secret compound in the middle of the lake and are taken captive. Thanks to a young intern, Chaz, Schwartz and Boznic, scientists at the Lincoln Lab, listen to their story, and it turns out that they worked with Sky's father. The lab is trying to recreate some of the dinosaurs that were not previously recreated before the pandemic in order to balance out the population and try to restore some semblance of order to the outside world so that humans might be able to live topside again. Unfortunately, the flash drive of her father's that Sky has found outlines the Noah's ideas to wipe out ALL of the dinosaurs! Not long after finding this out, the lab is attacked by the Noah's marines, and Sky and Todd barely escape with Chaz. Shawn, however, does not make it out. Ivan meets the children outside of the lab, and they all manage to hide away on the Noah's helicopter and make it, undiscovered, to the East Complex in New York City. There, they have to find a way to upset the Noah's plans before all of the work at the Lincoln Lab is negated and the world as they know it crumbles.

There are not enough middle grade books involving dinosaurs, so this is a great addition to the list of dystopian adventure novels. Since Sky was raised in an underground compound and Todd was raised topside, we get to see a range of reactions to the conditions that they see in the East Complex. I love all the details about the computers, electricity, and even the uniforms that the inhabitants wear. The details of the Lincoln Lab, with its setting in the middle of the lake and it's security detail of plesiosaurs was fascinating as well.

Sky's continued attempts to find her father or people who knew him are endearing and wistful, and the help she receives from her grandfather is nice to see. Chaz is a fun addition to the group, and sensitive fans of Shawn should not be overly worried about his disappearance.

Any aficionados of dystopia will want to add this series to their to-read list, and readers who enjoy rich, futuristic world building found inbooks like Perry's The Scavengers, DiTerlizzi's The Search for Wondla or Blakemore's The Firefly Code will enjoy their brief but exciting sojourn in the Lincoln Lab, East Complex and the new East Settlement.
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  1. Thanks for writing about this one. I liked the first one, which I received as a review copy, and have been debating purchasing this sequel... I think you tipped me over the edge.