Monday, September 25, 2017

2017 Middle Grade Fiction Judges

Hooray! The Cybils panels were announced at!

There were so many good people who applied to middle grade fiction that I tried to put seven people into round two even though we are only allowed to have five. There were a couple of people I would have loved to have, but keep in mind that there are LOTS of other categories. Some had a hard time getting panelists, so consider other divisions if you didn't get picked this year! I'm looking forward to working with the following bloggers:

Round 1
Deb Marshall

Dick Leonardo

Karen Yingling

Mike Lewis

Sarah Sammis

Shannon Griffin 
Stacy Mozer

Round 2
Alex Baugh

Amy Estersohn

Greg Pattridge

Jennifer Rummel

Tara Smith

Ms. Yingling

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