Monday, September 19, 2016

We've been in school a month!

Where does the time go? Of course, looking at the pictures of me in 7th and 8th grade that are almost half of an official antique, I should know the answer! (These pictures also explain a whole lot about my current wardrobe!)

What did we do in twenty days? 
  • 150 Language Arts class visits
  • 25 research class visits
  • 250 books checked out per day
  • 450 new books processed and ready to roll
  • Lots of Chrome Book use, which involves help
There are always statistics to tabulate, but they don't really measure what I DO. They don't take into account:

  • Spending lunch helping a student write a poem for class, and having her say at the end "I think I GET poetry now!"
  • Putting a payment plan together for a student who has lost an elementary book, with the result that the student now visits me every day to "check in".
  • Discussing first impressions with one of my helpers and assuring him that with all the boys in the 8th grade, it's unlikely his teacher doesn't like HIM.
  • Helping teachers who are younger than I am with their computer problems. Ha!
This also doesn't include all the time I spend outside of school hours reading, writing reviews, and connecting with authors, publicists, and other librarians and teachers. Teachers have to spend a lot of time grading, and I don't HAVE to do all of the work I do, but it does make it much easier to do my job. 

Hope everyone's school year is going well!


  1. Love how you are helping younger teachers with their computer problems (as well as all the other things you are doing!) You rock.

  2. Yes, you do! I'm always amazed a the incredible amount you do. And those fashions suited you well then and they do now. I'm just glad the hairstyles for boys have changed!

  3. The question is--do you still bring your lunches in brown bags?

  4. Keep up the great work. Just a little push or an ear to listen can change a student's outlook on life.

  5. There's nothing like seeing a spark go off in a kid's eyes. It sounds like you've had a great start to your year!

  6. I love this post. It's amazing all that school librarians do for kids. Thank you!