Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cybils Judges Announced!

I'm so pleased to be working with the following bloggers on this year's Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Award! Last year, I was not directly involved with picking a winner, since I read for YA Nonfiction, so I'm thrilled to be back with my first love. 
Start thinking about your nominations! Those open on 1 October 2016!
Round 1
Karen Yingling
Ms. Yingling Reads
Sarah Sammis
Puss Reboots
Jenna Grose
Falling Letters
Ryan Hanna 
Reading Rocks!
Mindy Righer
Proper Noun Blog
Round 2
Alex Baugh
Randomly Reading
Greg Pattridge
Always in the Middle
Valerie Bogert
Skipping Through the Stacks
Katie McEnaney
The Logonauts
Yamile Mendez
Project Middle Grade Mayhem

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on being selected!! Good to have found your blog once again. :)