Friday, September 09, 2016

Friday in the Library

There is testing going on in the library, so I'm closed to students. There is always a lot of work that I can do when this happens. So far I've:

  • Finally gotten a purchase order for processing supplies entered and worked on the Demco order. This has taken about two weeks so far!
  • Realized that Noodletools has completely changed its log in and site.
  • Sent frantic e mails to colleagues who helped me log in to the site.
  • Put together a Google Slides presentation about researching and using Noodletools.
  • Commiserated with math teachers that  Virtual Math Manipulatives don't work on any of the new computers. 
  • Put in Help Desk Tickets on any number of computer issues.
  • Hunted down students at lunch and made sure they have something to read since they have overdue books. 
  • Alphabetized all of the reshelving. There are four shelves of a cart full of books-- and I had a volunteer in yesterday. When she left at noon, the carts were empty!
  • Unboxed 400 new books and started to finish the processing they need.
  • Decided which books I need to take home and read this weekend. 
We have a cross country meet on Saturday, but on Sunday I am going to read a bunch of books AND NOT REVIEW THEM. 

Ah, the freedom. There are a lot of books in series, and just a few things I haven't read before ordering them, like the book I read last night:

28691903Watson, Jude. Sting (Loot #2)
August 30th 2016 by Scholastic Press

March and his friends find out that Darius invested their money with someone who has run off with it, so they are destitute. Hamish helps them out, and they try to steal back some stones for a buyer who will generously fund them. There are lots of funny moments, such as when they make a fake casting call at a country club in order to distract someone long enough to steal a jewel. The first book, Loot, has been really popular, and this book doesn't disappoint. 

And that's all the review I'm going to write. Hahahahaha. 

Off to make sure 8th graders have books, then on to putting series and genre labels on new books. Whew.

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  1. Superwoman. Enjoy! I want to track down a copy of that book!