Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Hunted (The Enemy #6)

23341829Higson, Charlie. The Hunted (The Enemy #6)
June 2nd 2015 by Disney-Hyperion

Many thanks to Ronan, who wanted to read this book so desperately that he ordered a copy of the UK version from Book Depository  back in October and let me borrow it for two months so I could read it.

The reason it took me so long to read this was that it was MUCH more gruesome than the other books in the series. I am very glad there will only be one more! I took notes, but have bad fantasy amnesia with these.

Ed and Justin want to look for Sam's sister Ella, but they don't even really know where to look, and the zombiefied grownups are everywhere. It turns out that Ella ran in to trouble, but was saved by a half zombie who is protecting her in a farm house in the country while he goes around and kills grownups. Some other children come to the farmhouse, and there are the requisite fights with zombies. Ella finds out the surprising information abour her companion's back story, and we then go back in time 19 days to find out what Ed and Justin are up to. Running grownups over with their car, mainly. They also come across an interesting group of VERY old people who were not affected by the virus, including Amelia and her sister Dorothy. Amelia was a scientist, and the elderly are working on a cure with some doctors. The virus apparently started in Africa, and Amelia is concerned that the spores are ripe for another infection. The mutant children from The Fallen return, and eventually Ed, Justin and Ella, along with some others, meet up at Ascot for races.

I've tried to get into these personally, and while I definitely think they are prime quality zombie books... they are zombie books, and try as I might, they are NOT what I would prefer to read. I will soldier on until The End is published, and then I will hope that Higson will turn his immense talents to action/adventure spy series limited to three books that aren't quite as gory!
  1. The Enemy
  2. The Dead
  3. The Fear
  4. The Sacrifice
  5. The Fallen

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  1. This review made me laugh. I liked zombies for a (very) short while when I was trying to read the books my husband enjoyed. It made for good conversation, but they felt painful to read. I love how you continue to try--despite the pain it causes you! Ha. I hope you have a great week, my friend.