Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finish Line- 48 Hour Book Challenge

Sadly, I couldn't be near a computer this weekend. I was able to read while superintending a variety of other things, but missed the social aspect of visiting other blogs. Knowing that I would be somewhat distracted, I picked books that were not as appealing to read this weekend. Usually, for the 48HBC, I pick books I am really looking forward to.

I read WAY more books than I actually review on my blog, since I feel an overwhelming compulsion to know about EVERY book that is being published for my target demographic. This sometimes results in me skimming a book, but at least if a student asks for the book, I can tell them why I didn't order it for our library while we are requesting it from the public library!

Garage sale again next week, but this week should be quiet. I'll read all the books I'm looking forward to, especially since there are no cross country activities this week. And tonight, the girls are off to a Weird Al concert, so it's just me, Sylvie the Yorkiepoo and most likely, Inspector Lewis!

Finish Line:
31 hours, 31 books
Friday 5-12  five books
Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Sunday 5 a.m.-12,  1-5 
  1. Armstrong and Marr. Thor’s Serpents. Good conclusion to series. Will post review later.
  2. Schreiber, Joe. Con Academy. Very fun.  
  3. Preuss, Margi. The Bamboo Sword. Very well written and researched, loved the inclusion of pictures, but I can’t get children to read Heart of a Samurai.
  4. London Through Time- Not quite a book. Interesting, but not for libraries.
  5. Typhoid Mary- Like Campbell Bartoletti’s work, but just read a similar book.
  6. Schlitz, Laura Amy. The Hired Girl. I liked, but too much detail in a historical book for my middle grade readers.
  7. Wolverton, Barry. The Vanishing Island.  Again, historical is a hard sell, and the time period has to be just right, and this one was fantasy, too.
  8. Hemmings, Kaui Hart. Juniors. Too YA
  9. Schmatz, Pat. Lizard Radio. Very odd.
  10. Smith, Ronald L. Southern and history.
  11. Barzak, Christopher. YA, depressing.
  12. DeStefano, L. A Curious Tale of In-Between. The dead are dead. No one can talk to them.
  13. Gallagher, Toni. My readers like magical realism, but this was… too young? 
  14. Murphy, Julie. Dumplin’. Too young adult. Didn’t like it the way everyone else does.
  15. Petty, Heather. Lock and Mori. Too YA. Rather self-conscientious.
  16. Tougas, Shelley. Too young and didn’t like main character.
  17. Haddix, Margaret. Redeemed. Have to buy, but I’ve lost count of what’s going on.
  18. Sands, Kevin. The Blackthorn Key. Stories about apothecaries don’t do well with my students, nor do puzzles. It was a long shot, but looked interesting.
  19.  Blakemore, Megan Frazer. Very in Pieces- Interesting, but more YA
  20. Dominy, Amy Fellner. A Matter of Heart. Girls in sports! Problems! Liked!
  21. Oppel, Kenneth. The Nest. Dying baby and wasps. Just…ick.
  22. Almond, David. A Song for Ella Grey. Wanted to like, but… didn’t.
  23. Laure, Estelle. This Raging Light. More YA
  24. Lombardo, Constance. Mr. Puffball: Stuntcat to the Stars
  25. Pearsall, Shelley. The Seventh Most Important Thing
  26. Savage. Fires of Invention


  1. Your reading speed never fails to astound me! Plus also, your dedication to the 48HBC! Thanks for your support!

  2. Sounds that you made good progress on moving books on out at least!

  3. Whoa! 31 hours and 31 books! In a weekend in which you said you couldn't get much reading done. My hat will be permanently off to you!

  4. There's a Norse mythology trend in MG/YA fiction, isn't there. Have you read Sea of Trolls?

  5. Thanks so much for including Mr. Puffball in your reading list!!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!