Saturday, June 20, 2015

#48 HBC

Ended up canceling the garage sale, since it's been pouring rain all morning, so I do have time to read. However, I have no motivation whatsoever, especially since we'll be having the garage sale next Saturday. Still, I've managed to read a few things.

Wood, Maryrose. The Unmapped Sea. Perfectly pleasant book, but my students seem to peter out after book three, and this is book five. Don't know that I'll buy it.

Pinchon, Liz. Tom Ages: Everything's Amazing (Sort of) (#3) My students WILL pick up endless notebook novels, and I enjoy these because while they are simple, realistic stories, they are set in England and caramel wafers are mentioned frequently. Will review closer to 9/8/15 pub date.

Sandler, Martin W. Iron Rails, Iron Men, and the Race to Link the Nation: The Story of the Transcontinental Railroad. (9/8/15) Honestly, I don't think my students would make it through the title. I love history, I love nonfiction, and this was a slog through 224 pages even for me.

Blume, Judy. In the Unlikely Event. Six my public library has 35 holds on 6 copies, I thought I'd better read this one quickly. Interesting, and Blume does a fabulous job with details of the time period, but I'm not a fan of adult fiction. So long and boring!

Wood, Fiona. Six Impossible Things. Enjoyed this, but kept wondering if it were too YA.  Not because of any objectionable content, but more because of the slow pace and introspective tone. When the first f-bomb dropped, I knew it wasn't one I was going to buy. May not review. Interesting for high school or public library collections. Set in Australia.

So here at 11:00 I've got five books and about seven hours of reading.

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