Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wait for Me

30037877Leech, Caroline. Wait for Me
January 31st 2017 by HarperTeen
Public Library Copy

During World War II, Lorna's life is fairly ordinary. She does chores with the help of Nellie, a Land Girl assigned to her family, socializes with her friend Iris, and knits care packages for the troops. Her two brothers, John Jo and Sandy, are off fighting, so a POW is sent to help them out. At first, everyone is leery of Paul, a young German whose has been badly scarred in the fighting. Paul speaks good English, since he had a British aunt living near his family in Dresden, and he does not believe in the Nazi ideals. The more she talks to Paul, the more she gets to like him, especially since he is much nicer than the American soldiers hanging out in town. When their relationship is found out, Lorna's brother isn't happy, and many in the community turn against her, especially when John Jo is missing in action. War changes people, and Lorna tries to figure out what the best path in life is for her. When the war ends, and Paul's home town is badly bombed, will this path include Paul?
Strengths: There were lots of good historical details about every day life-- what people wore, the difficulty of cooking with rationing, how the people in a small village get along. The idea of Land Girls and POWs used to work on farms are things that not many students will know.
Weaknesses: There are a few scenes that are a bit more mature-- Lorna is attacked by a soldier but does get the better of him; Nellie falls pregnant; and there is some kissing between Lorna and Paul. Nothing instructional, and nothing that would traumatize a 6th grader.
What I really think: I always need a lot of WWII books, and think I will buy this one for some of my more sophisticated readers who normally read romance books.

Ms. Yingling

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