Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gabby Duran Blog Tour

30214783Allen, Elise and Conners, Daryle. Gabby Duran: Troll Control (#2).
May 17th 2016 by Disney Hyperion
Copy provided by Spark Point Media

Gabby, just employed as a sitter for alien Unsittables, is given a new charge-- a troll child named Trymmy. Yes, trolls are aliens, and they are not wild haired and unpantsed-- they are smarter than most humans, although Trymmy is prone to stealing things. Gabby has some other issues to deal with as well; her school orchestra is trying to raise money to travel, and Gabby is supposed to be helping the smarmy Madison with the fund raiser. However, problems with A.L.I.E.N. and it's nemesis, G.E.T.O.U.T. complicate not only her babysitting, but the rest of her life. Her good friend Zee is aware of the full details of Gabby's babysitting, but Satchel remains detached from that reality. Will Gabby be able to keep Trymmy, and the rest of her life, under control?
Strengths: There aren't enough books about middle school students babysitting, and this one adds the extra interest with babysitting aliens. This is a great way to introduce science fiction to readers who claim they don't like it. The fact that these are also humorous and have bright and appealing covers is a plus.
Weaknesses: I had trouble getting my mind around trolls being aliens. And once the image of the wild haired plastic ones was mentioned, I had an odd picture of Trymmy in my mind!
What I really think: Fun addition to the series.

Allen, Elise and Conners, Daryle. Gabby Duran: Multiple Mayhem (#3).
July 11th 2017 by Disney Hyperion
Copy provided by Spark Point Media

Gabby gets embroiled in a weird alien situation when pop star Russell Tyler shows up at her school with a box and instructs her to give it to Edwina. It's an essential piece of dangerous equipment; a mirror made of Narcissite. The Hautties, aliens who most often show up on earth as very attractive entertainers, want to use it to destroy the earth. While guarding this object, Gabby also gets a job sitting a Tridecalleon baby named One. His parents want Gabby to take him to the mall to his Buckeroo class, and Gabby is more than happy to get a chance to hang out at the mall. However, One keeps...multiplying. Of course, Gabby runs into the evil Madison when One is only three babies, but more keep coming. Luckily, Zee and Satchel are able to help her get the babies home and implement a system to get all of the diapers changed and babies fed while trying to contact the parents. The odd "Silver Fox" that her mother is now dating, Arlington Brindlethorpe, seems suspiciously interested in the babies, and Gabby has to manage to handle thirteen babies, keep the mirror safe, and deal with Madison's insensitive postings on social media.
Strengths: This was the most interesting book of the series. The multiplying baby was the best alien, and bringing in Zee and Satchel to help was fun. The real life drama of Gabby's mother beginning to date is made even more amusing by the suspicion that he might be an alien! Once again, it's fun to see a book with a main character who babysits, and introducing multiples is inspired. Bonus points for the best memory eraser ever-- who doesn't want to pet a baby bunny?
Weaknesses: I had trouble believing that even alien parents would be okay dropping their babysitter at the mall with their child.
What I really think: Aside from The Babysitting Chronicles (2016), Hurwitz's Tough-Luck Karen (1982) and Robertson's Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service (1966), there are precious few books that have children babysitting. Let's call a moratorium on bullying and class election books and put some energy into babysitting tales and wrestling books, authors!
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  1. Both of these sound really hilarious, which is so great for a sci-fi series. I think these might appeal to those girls who wouldn't normally read sci-fi. Babysitting was pretty central to my life when I was that age, so it's great to see that featured.