Sunday, July 09, 2017

Variety of Titles

23285694Graff, Lisa. The Great Treehouse War
May 16th 2017 by Philomel
Copy provided by the publisher

Winnie's very exacting parents get divorced and decide that they must split up time with her exactly. She lives with her mother three days, with her father three days, and in a tree house in the exact middle of their two houses, within view of her uncle's house, on Wednesdays. Her parents decide to celebrate every single holiday (Peach Cobbler Day! Eraser Day!) in time consuming fashions, so Wednesday becomes the one day of the week where Winnie can relax or get homework done. When her father plans to spend his summer collecting grouse poop for his research, Winnie's mother plans to claim 37 of Winnie's Wednesdays, so she decides to stay in the treehouse. Because the tree in which the house was built was planted by the now defunct kingdom, it's not on US soil, and therefore Winnie can make her own laws. Eventually, nine of her friends move in to the treehouse with her to escape their own parents, and that makes life just about as stressful as life with her parents. Will Winnie be able to figure out a way to pass fifth grade and make peace with her parents?
Strengths: This will appeal to fans of The Boxcar Children and other stories where they children are on their own in a slightly unbelievable way. It's not quite fantasy, but is highly unlikely. Full of fun activities, facts, and page decorations, it's a quick, funny read.
Weaknesses: Hard to believe that Winnie's parents wouldn't have been arrested for child endangerment. They are about the most irresponsible, dysfunctional parents I've read lately. Sure, celebrate Peach Cobbler Day, but refuse to go talk to your child's teacher if her mother is going to be there. Happens, but is still disturbing. 
What I really think: I am sending the copy of this to the elementary school, where I think the students will love it. I just don't see it being popular with 6th graders.

26117336Mlynowski, Sarah. I See London, I See France
July 11th 2017 by HarperTeen
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline



I love this author, I love books about traveling around Europe, but Sydney and her friend Leela travel around, smoke pot and see a sex show in Amsterdam, get drunk, and make poor choices about sex. It made ME wildly uncomfortable. This isn't even for high school students, in my opinion. Definitely that New Adult category. Although not as much cursing. While I wish my own travels around Europe had included hot guy, this was WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

I think I need to go read some Anne of Green Gables now. Or Little Women. I'm done with Montgomery.

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