Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday, almost a week in!

We started school last Thursday. Saw almost all the 6th graders that day, the 7th graders the next, then all of the 8th graders on Monday. Yesterday I got six new boxes of books, and luckily had a fabulous volunteer in to help process them. There are still odds and ends that need to be done, so it's a good thing that today should be fairly light.

No lesson, no visits to SSR, but will probably check out about 300 books. In four days, we have checked out 1,500 books. Not to mention lots of textbooks.

I work in a LIBRARY, so we deal a lot with books. I am fortunate.

In my continued efforts to read all of the fiction books in my library, there were a few I had to take home from the order last night. Not necessarily worth full reviews.

22943025Whitby, Adele. Secrets of the Manor, France: Adele's Story, 1910;  Camille's Story, 1910
       I forget how Claire and Camille are connected to the other books that are set in England; cousins, perhaps? These didn't seem overly French, and the family seemed a bit too close to the servants, but we find out why. Scandal in manor houses for ten year olds. Had an 8th grader check out both Longshore's Manor of Secrets and the first one in this series. I predict that she will read one of these a day, and it will make her ridiculously happy. Definitely easy comfort reads for middle school.

15802075Santopolo, Jill. Sparkle Spa: True Colors(#4) and A Picture-Perfect Mess (#6)
    Let me just say that I have never in my life gotten a manicure, but I like how the girls in these books take charge, are concerned about giving to charity, and look for business opportunities. I liked book 4 a bit more, since main character broke her arm, and the other sister had to figure out how to keep the business going. The other book was fun but I couldn't see such a fuss about school pictures. Or that much glitter!

Sharpe, Luke. Billy Sure: Kid Entrepreneur
   Really had trouble connecting with this one. I think students will pick it up for the cover, but I didn't find the invention business to be all that believable. The font was odd and hard to read; that might have been my main problem!

23657454Chamakova, Svetlana. Awkward.
July 21st 2015 by Yen Press

Graphic novel. Fans of Roller Girl, Smile, etc. will love it.

Science Club and Art Club fight for table at club fair. Art club doesn't do much, Science club wins awards but has obnoxious students. Main character, Peppi Torres has embarrassing encounter with Jaime on her first day and feels bad, but can't bring herself to apologize. Clubs try to earn place, both goof up. Peppi cries a lot.

Thank goodness that my middle school experience, while horrible, was not this fraught. I did like this enough to put a good deal of tape on it to try to get it to hold up to wear, but didn't care for it personally-- it was sort of like "middle school, as performed by cast of Speed Racer". Did like the author's notes on her working process at back.


  1. 1500 books in the first week! That is wonderful! How many students are in your school?

  2. We had Kindergarten orientation yesterday, and somehow lucked into the librarian afterward. She gave us a little tour of the library, and hit me me up for help shelving books :-). I'm very nostalgic about school libraries, because I loved my elementary school one so much.