Sunday, August 09, 2015

Lost in Rome

23309722Callaghan, Cindy. Lost in Rome
11 August 2015, Aladdin
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Even though this is by the same author as Lost in Paris, these books are not in a series. Each features a different main character in a different location.

Lucy is thrilled that she will be visiting her aunt Maria in Rome. She was there once before, when she was in first grade, but loved everything about both her aunt and her pizzeria. When she and her sister Gianna arrive, however, they find that business is slow, and the restaurant a bit run down. In order to improve business, Lucy has the idea to use her odd skill of being able to match make people using the type of pizza they order, even though her aunt is opposed to the idea. Lucy has great success with her matching, and even manages to make the local news. People she matches post about the restaurant on social media, and before they know it, business is booming. They may even be able to stay ahead of a new pizza place that offers video games and may be trying to sabotage them. There is plenty of romance in the air for everyone, and Aunt Maria eventually tells Lucy why she was initially opposed to the plan.
Strengths: Travel books are always popular, as are books with girls being involved in businesses. (Odd, how boys don't get involved in as many fictional businesses!) The characters are engaging, the conflict understandable and not heavy handed, and the romance light and appealing. M!X books are always a hit, and I love when I can get them in jacketed hardcover, especially since these covers are so appealing!
Weaknesses: Matchmaking. Bleah. Not my favorite thing in fiction.
What I really think: I ordered the following book without having read it first. That's how sure I was that my readers would like it!

Callaghan, Cindy. Lost in London
17 March 2015, Aladdin

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  1. I like these books too. I like how positive and upbeat they are.