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Hissy Fitz Giveaway

Many thanks to Egmont USA for offering this giveaway! To enter here, please leave a comment with the title of your favorite animal book when you were in middle school by Friday morning. My favorite was Margery Sharp's The Rescuers-- Miss Bianca is adorable! Visit the other sites hosting a giveaway to increase your chances of winning!

22318575Jennings, Patrick. Hissy Fitz.

January 6th 2015 by EgmontUSA
E ARC from Netgalley.com

Hissy is a very sleepy cat, and his family does not help when he tries to nap. The father is a carpenter and works at home, and Hissy's main girl, Georgie, just doesn't get the knack of petting him. (Rub the top of his head and his cheeks, not his tail!) The real problem is Zeb, Georgie's younger brother, who is not only noisy but also hunts down the cat and throws things at him. Zeb's twin, Abe, is quite, and Hissy likes him. Sometimes, Hissy takes off to his friend Igloo's house to try to get some sleep in, because when the humans are asleep, he needs to go prowling. One such night results in a game of cat soccer, even though Hissy is just exhausted.
Strengths: Younger readers who adore cats but are not quite ready for Hunter's Warriors books will find Hissy's antics amusing. Hissy is sort of the Junie B. Jones of cats: readers of a certain age know when behaviors are bad and know they aren't supposed to emulate them, but they find it hilarious. Jennings does excellent books for the younger end of middle grade fiction.
Weaknesses: I worried about Zeb. He seems to need some serious behavior modification, as well as lessons on how to be nice to animals. But then, I'm not seven, and don't find bad behavior amusing!

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  1. I clicked on the Boys and Literacy link but it wouldn't open for me. Have you had any trouble with it?

  2. It's hard to choose.

    I liked the Basil of Bakers Street books very much.

    The whole Rescuers series with Miss Bianca was a great favorite of mine also.

    I have copies of both series.

    I also liked Watership Down.


  3. You're right, Iron Guy. I'll have to check with the publicist on that one. Sorry!

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