Friday, October 17, 2014

Social Media, The Bane of My Existence

I hate Pinterest. It just annoys me. It takes so much time to add things to a board, and then there's no arranging anything the way I want it to be. Still, if this is a platform that will help teachers, parents, and librarians find books to get to readers, I guess it's worth it. Here's the board I have for Wimpy Kid readalikes.

#WeNeedDiverseBooksPinterest seemed like a good way to make lists of books on specific cultures for the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign. My challenge is to make one board a day, then put the titles into a Waiver Day presentation Power Point presentation.

But I really should do a Prezi instead, because that's the cool new thing.

It's a teacher work day in my district. How much of this is pertinent to my job and therefore fair to do during contract hours? Oops. On the clock in a minute. Going to work on book orders, databases and other actual work things RIGHT NOW.


  1. Social media is such a black hole when it comes to time... I like your challenge when it comes to boards, though. I seem to neglect things too often when it comes to all these social media accounts.

  2. I haven't delved into Pinterest myself, I'm kinda scared to :) I do like to look at others though. Some of the ones that I've seen authors put together for their world or clothing inspired from the story are so gorgeous.

  3. Do you have the "Pin It" button on your browser toolbar? That can cut down on the time.

  4. I hear you, Karen. I didn't even know "Pin it" buttons such as Jennifer mentions were something I should ask myself if I wanted!

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM EDT

    Methinks you and I have the same banes, but at least you are doing well...your blog rocks. Just signed up for Prezi...I do have a pinterest account, but hardly use it.