Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Question of the Day

So, I'm flying United to Kidlitcon in Sacramento, and I'm making sure I can get my stuff there and back. I packed this weekend, and all of my clothes fit into a large plastic freezer bag, and my toiletries take up a sandwich bag. I always travel with an extra pair of shoes. You never know.

IN CASE I need to bring home books, I am bringing my large back pack (the two-weeks-in-Europe-but-fits-in-overhead-compartment size) with another smaller empty back pack inside that.

I think that's enough, since I will be judicious in any books that I bring back. But here's the question that readers everywhere want to know:

How much "reading material" can be carried on and not count toward my one bag? 


Carry-on items that are acceptable to transport in the cabin but are fragile or bulky will be considered cabin-seat baggage. Customers can purchase a ticket for a cabin-seat baggage item so that it may be carried on board and transported in a seat.
The following items are allowed and do not count toward your one bag and one personal item limit:
  • Jacket or umbrella
  • Reading material
  • Pet carrier (service charges apply)
  • FAA-approved child restraint seat
  • Diaper bag
  • Food or merchandise purchased in the airport


  1. If you get too many you can always ship them to yourself.

  2. Afraid I don't know... These days I travel with my Kindle (for books) and iPad (for newspaper) and don't take any printed books for myself... Can't wait to see you, though!

  3. I'm pretty sure "Reading material" means a book or two, not a whole case, LOL. They don't understand us. By the way, make sure that any liquids you carry on are in 3.4 ounce or smaller containers, and that all the containers fit in one quart sized ziplock bag: www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/3-1-1-liquids-rule (You mention that your toiletries fit in a sandwich bag, so I assume you're good on this, but just making sure)