Sunday, October 05, 2014

Pink and Green is the New Black

Pink & Green Is the New Black (Pink & Green, #3)Greenwald, Lisa. Pink and Green is the New Black
October 7th 2014 by Amulet Books 
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Sequel to My Life in Pink and Green and My Summer of Pink and Green. Lucy and Sunny are determined to start an initiative for a green cafeteria at their middle school, and Lucy in particular is looking forward to enjoying the rest of her middle school career. However, things are not going well with boyfriend (and Sunny's brother) Yamir, who is busy with things in high school and not communicating as much as in the past. On top of that, Erica has decided that she is in charge of the 8th grade masquerade and is bossing everyone around. She wants all of the 8th graders to get their makeup done at Lucy's spa, and of course get a discount. Lucy manages to swing this, but when Erica puts pressure on Lucy to fix her up with a high school boyfriend so she can bring one to the dance, Lucy remembers just how mean Erica can be. Adding to the confusion is new boy Travis, who is very interested in Lucy. He's also cute and lots of fun, and has a twin brother, Gavin, whom Erica wants Lucy to fix up with another friend. Lucy likes Travis, but doesn't have a lot to talk to him about. Other issues include Claudia coming home from college unexpectedly, getting used to having her father around, implementing the green cafeteria initiative, and continuing to work with the spa.
Strengths: Very true to life when it comes to friends and boys-- not over the top, but certainly dramatic enough. The interest in green issues is fun, and some girls will like Lucy's obsession with makeup, although it isn't quite as prominent as in other books. A fun series.
Weaknesses: The masquerade irritated me a bit because it seemed unrealistic. 8th graders paying $20 to have makeup done for a dance? Bit of a stretch in my mind.

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