Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sassy: The Silver Secret

7167379Draper, Sharon. Sassy: The Silver Secret
May 1st 2010 by Scholastic Press

Sassy cannot sing at all, but she is dying to be part of the chorus performance because the fourth graders have awesome purple sequined vests or dresses. Instead, she ends up being a stage manager and helping out, with the aid of her bulging Sassy Sack, with all manner of aspects of the performance. There are obstacles along the way, of course, including a very distressing fire evacuation that results in the Sassy Sack being left overnight in the auditorium and not being found right away. This is a big deal because Sassy was carrying her secret in the sack—her piccolo, which she plays very well but doesn’t tell everyone about right away.
Strengths: This series (there are four books out) is a good one for younger readers. Sassy very helpful to others, has a supportive family, and loves all things shiny and sequin. The books are short, and the plots center around things that would be of concern to elementary school students. Great covers, with Sassy figured prominently.
Weaknesses: I’m not a fan of nail polish and fripperies, and it’s a bit surprising that Draper has gone from such hard hitting, riveting books like Tears of a Tiger to such girly books, but there is a need for girly books as well.

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