Monday, December 19, 2011

Yeah. Not gonna happen.

I'd like to say that blog posts would occur this week, but that would be disingenuous.

Some reasons for this ARE library related. We have a Cybils chat at 11:00 p.m. With my normal schedule, this means that I should have just stayed at school and not bothered to go to bed. Then, I have double booked classes tomorrow and Wednesday because we have a short week.

Our school board is meeting tonight to discuss options for cutting the budget. The job/possible lack of job stress is really getting to me.

Did I mention that after Christmas my household will include TWO 18 year old girls, a 16 year old boy, and a 13 year old girl? And I'll need to feed them all? Every day? And my own personal 18 year old has decided she wants to be a vegan? Sigh. On the upside, when it is just Picky Reader and an exchange student next year, life will be a piece of cake!

So for the next couple of days, I think that watching reruns of Nanny and the Professor on instead of reading may be a winning strategy.

And when did people stop referring to repeats of shows as reruns?

I will do my best, but make no promises.

Do want to thank Capstone Publishing and Kate McMullan! I was one of the winners of a complete set of the republished Myth-o-Mania books! The old paperback versions have been very popular in my library but are falling to bits, so this will be great. Nice to see that Capstone is making them available again. Students love mythology!


  1. sending you some energy ~~~~~ hope it helps ;)

    Hey, congrats on the win, sweet!

  2. We have a couple vegetarians and one vegan on our staff. Good luck with the meal planning ... it can totally be done. And some of it does look yummy. Some of it ... well, I don't want to be disingenuous. (I just had to fix my browser windows so that I could see your post to make sure I spelled disingenuous correctly. ;])

    Good luck on the job front. Met our new principal today. Seems nice ... I've only ever worked with the one as a librarian so I'm curious to see what the next semester will be like.

  3. Take a break! You need it! I have to keep tromping back up to work to connect with my Cybils panel b/c I still don't have internet at home...and I'm moving on Friday...

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM EST

    Leave the vegan menus up to the vegan. Let her wow you all with something that tastes good.
    Send the 18 year olds to the store together to get food for the week with a certain amount of money for a budget. Nothing wrong with kids learning, is there? Sit back and let the kids do all the meals. Don't you think that would be fun?
    Well, interesting anyway! B.