Monday, December 12, 2011

Not What I Wanted Wednesday

I read a lot more books than I review or buy. Some that aren't quite right for my library might be perfect for somebody else's!

Freitas, Donna. The Survival Kit.
From the Publisher: "After her mother dies, sixteen-year-old Rose works through her grief by finding meaning in a survival kit that her mother left behind."
What I Wanted: Something like Sarah Dessen, which this was. I enjoyed it.
Why it didn't work for me: Too lingeringly sad and philosophical. A bit too old, too, with some mentions of inappropriate behavior.
People who liked it more than I did: Book Chic Club, Letters Inside Out, Readergirl, Hippies, Beauty and Books, Oh My!, Bookittyblog.

Ackley, Amy. Sign Language.
From the Publisher: "Twelve-year-old Abbey North deals with her feelings about her father's cancer and its aftermath while also navigating the problems of growing up."
What I wanted: I thought the cover was great. Loved the chipped nail polish. And I did read the entire book.
Why it didn't work for me: Again, the very lingering sadness and air of detachment. Found it hard to believe that a family would not tell an 8th grader her father was dying, but I suppose it happens. This covered a longer period of time than most middle school students have patience for.
People who liked it more than I did: Wicked Awesome Books, YA Librarian Tales, Great Imaginations, Final Distraction, Me, My Shelf and I.

Clark, Jay. The Edumacation of Jay Baker.
From the Publisher: " In small-town Ohio, fifteen-year-old Jay Baker's popular new blog helps him navigate high school as he faces off against his mortal enemy, meets the girl of his dreams, and watches his parents' relationship implode. "
What I wanted: A funny book for middle school boys. This was very funny and nicely fast-paced, but too old. Drat.
Why it didn't work for me: Way too many sexual references; major plot of the book is that Jay's parents are getting a divorce because his mother is having an affair with his best (girl) friend's father.
People who liked it more than I did: This doesn't come out until late January, so it is hard to find reviews. I will be curious to see what older guy readers think of this one.

Rorby, Ginny. Lost in the River of Grass.
From the Publisher: "When two Florida teenagers become stranded on a tiny island in the Everglades, they attempt to walk ten miles through swampland to reach civilization."
What I wanted: Anything by the author of the fabulous The Outside of a Horse; a survival story. There is a LOT of great detail about the Everglades.
Why it didn't work for me: Most of my survival fiction is read by boys, and while they do read about girls, this started out a bit... whiny.
People who liked it more than I did: All Things Girl, Bookish Delights, Library Mom, The Reading Fever, Sandra Stiles.

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