Sunday, December 25, 2011

Haunting Violet

Harvey, Alyxandra. Haunting Violet.
Violet's mother is a fradulent medium who uses Violet, as well as Colin, a young man she took in, to help her in the ruse. When the group goes to a country manner for a protracted stay, Violet gets to hang out with her good friend, whose parents frequent spiritualist circles, as well as Trethewey, a young man from a fine family who has a romantic interest in Violet. The only problem? Violet keeps having visions of Rowena, a girl who violently drowned under suspicious circumstances, and begins to realize that she really does have the kind of gifts that her mother only pretends to have. When her mother falls from favor after a seance gone wrong, how will Violet work to solve the mystery and get her own life back on track?
Strengths: This author's Hearts At Stake series is popular, so readers who would nit normally be interested in this time period might pick this up. There is a lot of mystery and romance, so those are selling points as well. Readers who liked A Drowned Maiden's Hair will find this an interesting addition to this type of book.
Weaknesses: The cover is the sort of generic, historical, paranormal thing that graces so many books. Just makes me tired, and doesn't do justice to a good story.

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