Monday, December 12, 2011

Time Slip Tuesday

Kessler, Liz. A Year Without Autumn.
Jenni and Autumn's families have traveled to the same condos every year at the same time. Things are a little more difficult because Jenni's mother is prgenant, but both families are happy. When Autumn takes an unused elevator up to Autumn's condo one day, she finds a strange woman there and realizes that she has traveled a year into the future, and Autumn's brother Mike has been injured in an accident on a horse. This has a disastrous effect on both families, and everyone feels guilty. Using the elevator, Jenni tries to fix her mistake, but it's not easy. When she travels forward in time, people think she is nuts, and it's hard to effect any changes.
Strengths: Good use of time travel, and believably done. Nice sub plot with older woman's romance..
Weaknesses: Sad. Not as many time travel books go tothe future, and this may be why. The cover doesn't indicate how sad this one will be!

Archer, Jennifer. Through Her Eyes.
Tansy is used to being the new kid since her horro novel writing mother moves them all over whenever she is beginning new books, but moving to a small town like her grandfather's hometown of Cedar Canyon is something new. It doesn't help that her grandfather is sinking into dementia. The house that the family moves into was where one of her grandfather's friends lived... until he committed suicide by jumping off a local bridge. Tansy finds a watch and necklace, along with poetry Henry wrote, and starts to have dreams from the point of view of Isabel, the girl who dated Henry. She settles in to life in a small town and meets Tate, who helps her investigate the events surrounding Isabel, Henry, and her grandfather when Tansy is worried that she will somehow dream as Isabel and never be able to return to the modern day.
Strengths: Nicely creepy and atmospheric, the descriptions of past events are nicely balanced with Tansy's struggles in the modern world and her romance with Tate.
Weaknesses: Henry wasn't very likeable, and I was somehow disappointed in how the mystery was resolved. Still, this was one of the better paranormal mysteries I've read lately.

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