Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Uncommon Criminals

Carter, Ally. Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2)
Kat is back, and bound and determined to do a heist that her uncles all say can' t be done- steal the Cleopatra emerald for a woman who claims that the overseer of her parents' archaeological dig stole everything and sold it without cataloging it all. The woman just wants to din ate the emerald back to Egypt, so Kat gets it back for her. The only problem? Turns out that the woman isn't who or what she says she isso Kat has to steal the emerald back again. With the help of her cousin Gabrielle and TWO boys that are interested in her, Kat embarks on a journey involving international travel, jet setting parties, and adventures on yachts and in castles and museums to get the emerald back. Very glamorous, but Kat is a thief with integrity, although the woman she is up against is not.
Strengths: Reading this was like watching a 1960s movie with Cary Grant. Just pure fun. I love Carters Gallagher series, and the Heist society series is every bit as good. Just wish that they came out more frequently, but don't want to rush good writing!
This got slightly convoluted, and I'm a little unsure about how things ended. I should have read more carefully, but it was Christmas. I was just enjoying it!

McVoy, Terra Elan. The Summer of Firsts and Lasts.
From the Publisher: "When teenaged sisters Daisy, Violet and Calla spend their last summer together at Camp Callawolde, the decisions they make-- both good and bad-- bring challenges to their relationship as well as opportunities to demonstrate devotion to one another."
I mention this one because it looks deceptively like a middle grade book, with the ice cream on the cover, and while a great read, it involves beer drinking, marijuana smoking, and a fairly descriptive first sexual experience. This made me sad, because Daisy was a runner, and the description of the running training is absolutely brilliant. Still, I'll be sending this one on to the high school. (Got at a "book look".)

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